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Archive for December 2018

Being Authentic Means Keeping It Real

Being Authentic Love it or Hate It

Being Authentic means Keeping it Real – so why has the word “authentic” become so Marmite to some people? I (Beverly) was in a meeting before Christmas and the “A” word was mentioned.  A number of people around the table grimaced, and one person said: I hate that word “authentic”.  It’s the new buzzword and…

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Lifting the Lid on December 2018

Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR March 2019

Merry Christmas, and welcome to Lifting the Lid on December 2018, our last Lift Off of 2018!  Where has the year gone?  It seems to have flown by. As you’ll know if you’ve watched our other Lift Off shows in the series we produce a monthly behind the scenes sneak peek into our business.  This…

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Lifting The Lid On LaunchPad HR November 2018

Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR March 2019

Hi everyone this is our third Lift Off episode.   We’ve had a busy month that started with Beverly attending Chris Duckers’ Youpreneur Summit.  Beverly attended last year and returned again.  The summit gave us business clarity.  Since attending the summit, we’ve found our niche and promoted what we stand for.  The website has been reviewed…

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