We have brought together an extraordinary team of professionals who are at the top of their game to help you to progress in business or work.

LaunchPad Associates

Meet our Team of Associates

Our clients often ask us to recommend services, so we decided to bring together people we know, trust and have experienced their excellence.


LaunchPad Associates

Polly Brennan

Polly is our go-to specialist resilience coach developing mental health fitness, and wellbeing by sharing her resilience kit bag! With 24 years’ experience within mental health services and occupational therapy in the NHS, she supports military veterans, young adults (16-25), and forward-thinking individuals, teams and organisations who are invested in their wellbeing, personal development and professional growth.  She brings energy, warmth and expert knowledge to everything she does.


LaunchPad Associates

Sanjee Ratnatunga

Sanjee is our economics specialist. She helps organisations develop their business and financial strategies, build capacity and evidence value for money. Sanjee has extensive experience of developing and implementing business support programmes and knows what and who is out there to support you and your business. She loves working with organisations who are looking to do things that will make a positive impact to society.


Meet the HR Team

Claire Rolston

Claire is our in-house Lawyer.  She brings clarity and pragmatism to workplace issues.  We know that the law can be complex and scary.  Claires' calm approach brings a confident reassurance for clients.  She also supports us with training for managers to prevent the escalation of issues.  Unlike many solicitors, Claire advises and acts on behalf of individuals as well as employers.  We've chosen Claire because we love straight-talking experts who can make the complex understandable, and Claire certainly does that!


LaunchPad Associates

Nancy Radford

Nancy, a professional mediator supports clients through conflict management. She is the calmest person we know!  She is supportive, a voice of reason and provides the tools, which empower people to tackle difficult conversations which arise between directors, employees, or clients.  As an experienced coach Nancy has observed people whose lives have been blighted by misunderstanding resulting in businesses being held back or irreparable relationships. It's her mission to help people manage disagreements more effectively!


Launchpad Associates

Kieran Rose

Kieran is our trainer and consultant who specialises in Autism. A keynote speaker locally and on an international level, he is fast becoming the go-to expert across industries to increase understanding of Autism and Neurodiversity. He develops and delivers bespoke training packages to private and public sector organisations, charities, schools and colleges to increase education and promote inclusivity. Kieran also provides 1:1 support post-diagnosis, and helps both employees and employers with workplace transition and adjustments.


LaunchPad Associates

Tiana Wilson-Buys

Tiana Wilson-Buys is our straight-talking Business Consultant and "Get Stuff Done" Business Coach. She is the most organised person we know! Working with micro and small businesses, Tiana assists and advises business owners and managers in achieving their goals through strategic business planning and effective time management.  She provides 1:1 coaching to help people to work efficiently, increase their productivity and maximise their most productive working time. She is the author of "The Referral Harvester".

Meet the Experts we Recommend

We only recommend companies and professionals we have tried and tested ourselves. We can assure you that these professionals are some of the best in their field.


LaunchPad Associates

Nicola Burt Skinner

Nicola Burt-Skinner is our Social Media specialist focusing on sales, marketing and lead generation for clients throughout the North East. Nicola’s fun and honest approach to working enables her to produce engaging social media campaigns for a range of industries. Providing a flexible and bespoke virtual service to her clients, Nicola’s creative marketing techniques will certainly turn the heads of current and potential customers.


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Julie Allan & Katie Blenkharn

JLA Accounting is our friendly and professional accountancy firm serving individuals, partnerships and businesses across the North East. Julie Allan and Katie Blenkharn are Chartered Accountants who offer tailored services to suit their clients needs including tax, payroll, accounts, bookkeeping and VAT returns. Their approachable manner and realistic support enable them to build long-standing and trusted relationships with their clients.