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LaunchPad Associates host a range of awareness sessions, programmes and conferences for our clients and the local business community.

Here are our upcoming events ... 

Invading Your Impostors

Baltimore House, Gateshead - 24th January 2020

impostor syndrome mini

Atomicon Fringe Event

27th April 2020

More Upcoming Events


With her signature workshop, Invading Your Impostors, Beverly will be at ChangeCamp on 12th October.


Beverly is speaking at TeesExpo, Wynyard Hall Hotel on 3 October, delivering her keynote, "Let's Start With ... You are good enough!"  This session is all about combating your impostor syndrome and becoming an Impostor Invader. Find out more here:


Beverly features on the UMi webinar on Friday 27 September and Jo will feature in the next couple of weeks.  Beverly is talking employing post millenials.  Jo is talking employing Millenials.  Find out more about UMi here.


Previous Events

Head Start ProgrammeHead Start Residential Programme

Headteacher Leadership Programme


Find out more ...

Talking Point of Business

TPBiz - 14 June 2019

We hosted Talking Point of Business Conference in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Specifically for Solopreneurs, Founders and Micro Businesses.

Find out more ....

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