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Talking Point of Business 2019 - Masterclasses

Talking Point of Business

Beverly Sherratt - Launchpad HR

Let's start with - YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Do you:

  • Struggle to take ownership of your success, feeling like a fraud?
  • Think you're not worthy of your success?
  • Attribute success to luck or other forces outside your control, rather than your own effort, dedication, and intelligence?
  • Think people won't pay what you should really charge so you price lower?

For people with impostor syndrome, their biggest fear is that people will soon discover that they are frauds and not as skilled, intelligent, or competent as the make themselves out to be.

You'll take away from the masterclass how to:

  • map your self sabotaging behaviour;
  • identify your drivers;
  • define your own success; and
  • turn your drivers into Impostor Invaders!


Aileen Smith - The Health Heroine

BE FIT FOR BUSINESS - whether you are a Solopreneur, Business Owner or Professional it’s vital to be at the TOP of your GAME for the LIFE of your business.

Join Aileen’s master class for smart simple concepts so you can:

  • Have 10/10 energy all day and every day – enhance your personal business performance and give yourself the competitive edge
  • Get out of bed full of energy every morning – feel happy about the day ahead – nothing is a chore or an issue when you have the resilience to deal with it
  • Drop energy dips during the business day – be more PRODUCTIVE – achieve your goals faster – no more down time, procrastination, lack of concentration

Enjoy your personal time away from your business without any feelings of guilt because you are super effective during business hours

Talking Point of Business 2019
Talkng Point of Business 2019

Polly Brennan - Adventurous Coaching

How to overcome mental roadblocks to enable you to have more, be more and do more!

Even the most creative and successful people can get stuck, feel like they are driving with the brakes on or reach a crossroads without a clear plan to move forward. This can compromise your capacity to thrive in life and in your business.

Join POLLY’S masterclass for simple practical strategies that will help you to:
* Reset your compass- ground yourself in a strengths bases success story ready for the next chapter in the journey of your business success.
* Spring clean your thoughts- with a growth mindset you can reignite your fire and feel inspired to maximise your potential.
* Design your resilience kitbag- capitalise on your competencies, strengths and resources and add a few more tools to your tool belt

Whether you are a solopreneur, a founder or a micro business it is possible to adopt an energetic, adventurous and solution focused approach to your business growth whilst striving to be an out of office thriver.

Julie Allan - JLA Accounting Limited


Getting the Numbers Right - Small Business Finance.

Talking Point of Business
Talking Point of Business 2019

Sanjee Ratnatunga - Ideas for Change

Are you stuck in a business growth trap?  Do you want to break free?

What is the best way of building capacity within your business?

So, you have made the decision to grow the business, perhaps even  double your turnover by this time next year…there is just one problem,  to grow the business you need to spend more time winning new business, but as your business grows you are needed more than ever on delivery making sure that your new customers get a first class service.  You are stuck in a growth trap!!   How do you break free and build capacity within the business?

Do you…

  1. Just work harder and longer than you have ever worked before.
  2. Ask a friend to help out as a favour, you'll think of a proper plan later.
  3. Make the decision to take an employee on. But at what level?  What pay? Will they do a good job?
  4. Work with an associate…but what if they don't do as good a job, my brand is at risk.
  5. Worry about everything, but don't do anything, don't deliver – panic!
  6. All of the above!

Does this sound like a familiar conversation you have had with yourself and others?  Join my Master class and  find out how to break free and build capacity within your business.

Takeaway:  At the end of this session, you will have developed an understanding of the different ways to build capacity, what key information you need to have to hand when making decisions about how to build capacity  and handy tips and advice to help you make the right decisions along the way.

The 2018 Event

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