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(Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we have removed the identities of those involved)


Feedback for Launchpad HR

I have engaged launchpad HR to work with us on a number of occasions and for different reasons. They are a very professional and insightful company who really listen to the clients brief and provide proposals that can work. In the cases where we have worked with Beverly and Jo they have demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills and a deep knowledge of i3 that enables them to work successfully with their clients. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Feedback for Launchpad HR

Beverly and Jo are approachable and adaptable and make sure that they really get who you are and what you’re about, so that the documentation they create for you really feels like it resonates. They are hugely knowledgeable in everything HR and have been a great help to us, at Changing Relations, in getting our organisation design, staff policy handbook and contracts in place in the midst of a period of growth and development.

i3 with Beverly

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in our recent roles and responsibilities project.

From our very first meeting we found yourself and Launch Pad HR Ltd., to be professional, clear, concise, engaging and approachable. This has very effectively helped us to move the project onwards.

We felt that I3 Profiling was the best way to get a clearer understanding of our teams and how to move them forward. It was a fascinating process, so accurate and informative. Therefore it not only achieved a clearer understanding but it actually helped us to work better as a board of Directors, making us more effective and moving us forward.

We got 100% buy in from our staff (not always an easy task), even those who were sceptical in the beginning, believed and committed to the whole process. The way in which you engaged with our teams, gave the one to one feedback and ran the Team Dynamix day ensured this. You also ensured that everything we wanted to get across on Team Dynamix day was delivered correctly, professionally and every staff member came away from the day recharged and energised. An absolutely brilliant result for us, there has been a buzz in air since, which is enabling us to move ahead with the better understanding between our teams. This we feel is a great platform for us to spring from and will help us to continue to improve and grow.

I look forward to us working together in the future, knowing we are in the safe hands of Launchpad HR .

Feedback for i3 Team Dynamix Session

The i3 profile was useful in highlighting elements of my skillset which don't come so naturally to me, but framing this in a team/partner perspective whereby instead of pressuring myself unduly, I could use this information to guide choices about the skillsets of people we need in the team. Rather than simply thinking about which roles we need to fill, it was useful to think about which qualities we want to add.

Beverly was clear, supportive and encouraging and I look forward to going back to her for a team dynamic session once my colleague has also completed her profile as doing this exercise with her helped me understand how I can work better with my team, by encouraging me to think about their drivers.

Feedback for LaunchpadHR

LaunchpadHR have been my go to organisation, for outsource HR for a number of years now, working on a “pay as you go” basis, Beverly and Jo have responded quickly and efficiently to all commissions from psychometric profiling, complex casework to leadership development and exec coaching. LaunchpadHR really understand the organisation and quickly (almost by osmosis) understand the need, each time preparing and delivering a quality product and service, within agreed timescales if not before. Beverly and Jo work tirelessly to provide you the service and advice needed, they are both in my view HR Wonder Woman.

Feedback for Jo

I couldn’t praise Jo highly enough, she’s super friendly and down to earth, whilst being knowledgeable and professional. We recently had a ‘tricky’ HR issue which she resolved quickly and successfully.

As a business owner, I like to think of Jo (LaunchPad HR) as my very own HR department.

Testimonial - i3 with Beverly

I was surprised at how accurate i3 is. Having participated and used other tools with my staff over the years, i3 focuses on the individual improving self-awareness to perform at your best

The feedback sessions provide coaching that increases self-awareness, focuses on strengths and supports the individual to maximise their performance. Staff were left feeling very positive and energised.

LaunchPad HR have facilitated team dynamix events for us on two occasions. We used i3 when I joined the team as a new leader in order to reintegrate the team and to help build a team of new and existing staff. I value i3 team dynamix as a tool that builds team understanding which is why following a restructure I brought Beverly back in to help build our new team. We were left with an action plan and full understanding of where we need to buy in complementary strengths.

We have been working with Beverly of LaunchPad HR for three years over a range of projects in addition to i3. Beverly has facilitated the development of our Vision and Values, developed our pay policy, performance management framework, together with Board 360 degree appraisal. LaunchPad are responsive, professional and really understand the organisations they go into.

I would add that you Beverly is great to work with, has really helped me personally and offers support and guidance on shaping the programmes rather than just doing what is asked for. Beverly is definitely a key part of my trusted advisor network.

Testimonial for Jo

We have received an excellent level of service during our busy first year in business; high quality documentation, speedy responses to queries and communication that is carried out in a friendly, down to earth yet professional manner. Thank you. We are looking forward to your continuing guidance and support as our business grows.