Meet The HR Team

Taking the fear out of HR. Keeping it practical and simple.

Meet the HR Team

Beverly Sherratt, Director

With over 25 years working nationally, and latterly internationally, Beverly specialises in Executive, Team & Personal Behaviour, developing self-awareness and building confidence, to help people and organisations progress to the next level.

She is also the Impostor Invader – Slaying the saboteur within!  Beverlys’ philosophy is – "Self-awareness enables us to be honest with ourselves and others, bringing confidence to all we do". Helping people to increase confidence, develop relationships and understand their strengths by awakening their self-awareness is her passion.

Motivated by helping people reach their full potential, Beverly works with entrepreneurs and business owners who self-sabotage themselves or are held back through impostor syndrome, together with people who are struggling with their careers or those who are re-entering the workplace to boost self-esteem, identify and develop their skills and make the choices and change they need to succeed. Her programmes help leaders and business owners to communicate with impact and influence in order to build productive relationships, shaping positive workplace culture and improving mental wellness.  She is passionate about organisation culture and behaviour.  Particularly the impact of leadership and culture on mental well-being.  She therefore undertakes well-being audits and projects, working with organisations to consider the impact of organisation culture and communication on staff well-being.

Beverly also helps HR professions to communicate with influence in order to be a change agent within their organisation.

Meet the HR Team

Jo Cameron, Director

Jo is an accomplished HR Professional and Recruiter with almost 20 years experience in the industry. She has gained extensive commercial experience within fast moving environments including an Awarding Organisation, Telecommunications, Financial Services and IT Outsourcing industries in UK. She also spent 3 years in Australia as an Account Manager recruiting for the NSW Government.

An award winning business woman, Jo became self employed to create remote HR solutions which provide all businesses regardless of size with the practical support to keep HR Practical, Simple, Human and Stress Free. She has worked with a diverse range of businesses throughout the UK and internationally.

She is also owner of Colleagues on Tap. This successful and established Coworking concept currently operates in various locations across the North East region.  Jo has a passion for small and micro businesses and strives to bring them together to share ideas and support to remove isolation of working alone.  Jo also works with small businesses as a business and enterprise mentor.

Jo has worked for a number of years as an Employability lecturer for psychology and counselling students.  She is passionate about helping young people to get the best start in employment, by providing career direction coaching and support.

Andrea Muter, HR Consultant

A HR professional for nearly 20 years in a variety of sectors, Andrea is one of the rare people who actually wanted to work in HR since school, unlike the majority of the profession who usually just fall in to it.

"I love the variety of HR and also the unpredictability of what will happen next, no two days are ever the same and that's what I love".

A graduate of the University of Northumbria, Andrea is a highly experienced HR professional who can provide expertsupport on setting up HR Departments, People Management Information Systems Implementation, Organisation Development and Design, together with providing pragmatic advice and support.  She keeps HR Practical and Simple!

She believes people are like Russian dolls with each of us being made up of may layers.  Her understanding of people means she thrives when managing complex HR projects.

Meet the HR Team

Claire Rolston, Employment Solicitor

Claire Rolston is a solicitor who specialises in employment law who set up CLR Law in 2010 to provide a different, more transparent approach to legal services. Her practical and down to earth advice helps resolve workplace disputes and keeps businesses compliant with employment legislation without adversely impacting their day to day operations. This gives them peace of mind and reduces the risk of them ending up in an employment tribunal. If they do find themselves in tribunal, Claire will conduct the case through to the hearing. Client satisfaction is Claire’s key focus and she gets to know her clients well so that she can better understand their needs and achieve their desired outcomes. Her flexible approach to fees makes her expert advice accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Meet the HR Team