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The Post Covid 19 Workplace

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jul 27, 2020
The Post Covid 19 Workplace

Did you think back in January 2020 that today we would all be walking around the supermarket wearing Masks?  We certainly didn’t!  We don’t think anyone could have predicted what Corona Virus meant to the UK and world at large!  What it has brought is new thinking, greater employee demands, new ways of working and…

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Employers, Don’t Let Corona Virus Become The New ME

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jul 3, 2020
Employers, Don't Let Corona Virus Become The New ME

Our Plea: Employers, don’t let Corona Virus become the new ME! Prior to Walker v Northumberland County Council [1995] IRLR 35, managers were often sceptical about sickness absence attributed to a “bad back”.  After the Walker case “Stress” became the new bad back, then we had “yuppie flu” which of course was ME or Chronic…

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COVID-19 Article Round-up

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jun 8, 2020
Business Mentoring

Over the last few weeks and months we’ve created – and collated – a number of articles relating to coronavirus, employees, and employer responsibilities. This article serves to “round” them up and have them all in one place for easy access. As always they are not meant to offer bespoke advice, nor can we guarantee…

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Returning To Work After Lockdown Practical Tips

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jun 5, 2020
Returning to Work After Lockdown Practical Tips

  How are you planning for your staff returning to work after lockdown? After the Governments announcement on 10 May 2020 and further clarification on 11 May many company bosses will be looking to see how they can support their staff returning to work after lockdown.  Whether staff have been working from home, laid-off or…

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Kindness Matters

By LaunchPadAssociates | May 19, 2020
Kindness Matters

“Kindness Matters” was the theme for 2020 Mental Health Awareness week. So what do we think of when we hear kindness? Considerate?  Courteous?  Generous? Thoughtful?  Empathy?  Sympathy? Supportive? We all have our own definition of kindness, and I think we’d all agree, kindness matters. At Launchpad Associates, we are specialists in organisation behaviour and development,…

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Did You Know There Are Museums Dedicated To Mental Health?

By LaunchPadAssociates | May 18, 2020
Did You Know There Are Mental Health Museums?

This is Mental Health Awareness week 2020, which happens to coincide with International Museums Day today, 18 May 2020.  As a bit of trivia to kick-start Mental Health Awareness week we thought we’d look into whether there was a link.  Guess what!  Did you know there are museums dedicated to mental health?  Well there are!…

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Workplace Bullying Or Coercive Control?

By LaunchPadAssociates | Apr 14, 2020
Workplace Bullying or Coercive Control?

At a time when there is a focus on coercive control and domestic violence, we thought we’d consider links between these behaviours and workplace bullying. Whilst people experiencing domestic violence during lock down maybe longing to get back to work as a place of sanctuary, we’re thinking:   how many people are dreading going back…

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Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

By LaunchPadAssociates | Apr 9, 2020
Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

These are difficult times, so how do you protect your mental health during COVID-19 lockdown!  We’ve written a guide for employers and employees to help you to crush the impact of COVID-19 lockdown. We’re managing employees and their employment during a pandemic that has had a huge impact on people’s lives and routine in an…

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Furlough Questions & Answer Document

By LaunchPadAssociates | Mar 30, 2020
Furlough Questions and Answer Document

We’ve produced this Furlough Questions & Answer document to help employers to work through the questions they may have relating to Furlough leave. Furlough Leave is the Governments response to the Coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19 to give a lifeline to British companies that may otherwise need to close.  The Government have encouraged businesses to provide…

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