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Coronavirus and Homeworking – An Employers Guide

By LaunchPadAssociates | Mar 17, 2020
Coronavirus and Homeworking An Employers Guide

We’re living in unprecedented times.  On the one hand it’s a time for a creative approach, trialling and testing new ways of working in preparation for lock down or self isolation.  On the other hand we have a UK in panic and disarray.  We’ve therefore decided to develop an employers guide to help you during…

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2020 Employment Law Changes

By LaunchPadAssociates | Feb 21, 2020
2020 Employment Law Changes

Are you ready for 2020 Employment Law Changes? Last week we looked at some of the Good Work Plan 2020 Employment Law Changes.  This week is part two and we’re covering: Changes to holiday pay calculations; Amendments to Agency Worker rules; IR35; and Changes to taxation for termination payments above £30,000. Changes to Holiday Pay…

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The Good Work Plan

By LaunchPadAssociates | Feb 14, 2020
The Good Work Plan

Do you know what the Good Work Plan is? Are you ready for April 2020? Thinking what is the Good Work Plan? If you’re an employer or a contractor you need to be ready for April 2020.  The Good Work Plan brings about changes in employment law.  So what will this mean for employers, employees…

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Spot The Difference

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jan 2, 2020
Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference when someone attends interview?  If someone doesn’t respond to your cultural “norm” how do you respond? As the decade comes to  close we have reflected on our business and remain resolute to raising awareness of difference, championing those struggling in employment, and to helping employers to support the diversity present…

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The Day We Found Out We’re Social Innovators

By LaunchPadAssociates | Oct 8, 2019
The Day We Found Out We're Social Innovators

Social Innovation – The Day we found out people see us as Social Innovators! I have a favour to ask ….  The Conference is targeted at leaders and managers of organisations large and small.  We are looking for a speaker at the conference to talk for 10-15 minutes and tell their story about your business,…

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Shoutout Saturday with Victoria Fleming of Buzztastic

By LaunchPadAssociates | Jun 22, 2019
Shoutout Saturday with Victoria Fleming

So privileged to be featured as one of Victoria Fleming of Buzztastic, Shoutout Saturday, and to have worked with her on personal development.  Victoria hints at the challenges of running your own business and has worked with Beverly in order to drive her business to the next level. We love working with people who want…

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Lifting the lid on LaunchPad HR February 2019

By LaunchPadAssociates | Mar 20, 2019
Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR March 2019

Welcome to our February 2019 Lift Off, Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR.  February was another busy month when we upped our game in the networking circles meeting business associates old and new. We helped one of our clients to access new markets with their product – it’s not just about HR with us we…

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Lifting The Lid on January 2019

By LaunchPadAssociates | Feb 1, 2019
Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR March 2019

Welcome to our first Lift Off of 2019.  Happy New Year!  We (Jo and Beverly) hope 2019 leads to you going from strength to strength.  Whether it’s your business progressing to the next level or you through your own development we hope you achieve your goals. It’s been a great start to the year for…

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Being Authentic Means Keeping It Real

By LaunchPadAssociates | Dec 30, 2018
Being Authentic Love it or Hate It

Being Authentic means Keeping it Real – so why has the word “authentic” become so Marmite to some people? I (Beverly) was in a meeting before Christmas and the “A” word was mentioned.  A number of people around the table grimaced, and one person said: I hate that word “authentic”.  It’s the new buzzword and…

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