i3 Profiling

Keep it real with self awareness

What's i3 Profiling all about?

Jo and Beverly trained with the founders of i3.  This means the profiling tool is first generation in its original form, unlike other profiling tools, which can be second or third generation.

The i3 tool sets out to increase self-awareness and to facilitate teamwork.

Every person has their own individual profile.  We are all unique and i3 is sophisticated enough to provide individual profiles.  The profile is interpreted by Beverly and Jo, who then write a personalised report.  Unlike other tools, i3 does not categorise or pigeonhole people.

i3 profiling helps you quickly understand yourself and those around you, building team dynamics and utilising the individual strengths of the team to achieve successful outcomes.
One of the first steps in our 1:1 coaching programme is to take you through the i3 process for yourself. You will receive an i3 Profile. It will help you understand clearly your strengths, motivations and how or who to collaborate with to strengthen your outputs.
i3 identifies your productive environment.  This helps you get the most out of your working environment so that you can focus and concentrate best.
Suddenly how you’ve been communicating, how you manage relationships, learn or the environment conditions where you're at your best – IT ALL MAKES SENSE WITH i3!
Productive Working Environment
Productive Working Environment

What's different about the i3 tool compared with MBTI, Belbin, Insights, etc. Find out here...

i3 Personality Profiling
i3 Personality Profiling
Visual Explaination of the the 7 Indicators

Ready to find out more about i3 Profiling?

If i3 profiling sparks an interest with you, then we can use the tools to support:

  • career coaching,
  • recruitment,
  • onboarding,
  • outplacement,
  • understanding team dynamics, and
  • developing individuals.

This is Career Planning that focuses on people as individuals.

For clients who are interested in behavioural profiling, Beverly is an Accredited profiler and Licenced Trainer for DISC.  Contact us to find out more.

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