Impostor Syndrome – Atomicon Fringe Event (27th April)


Self-limiting beliefs putting brakes on the kind of life you want to achieve?
But where do they come from – Self-doubt? Impostor Syndrome?

Invade Your Impostors & Slay Your Sabotaging Inner Critic!

27th April – Jury’s Inn, Gateshead



Invade Your Impostors & Slay Your Sabotaging Inner Critic!

Do you:

  • Struggle to take ownership of your success, feeling like a fraud?
  • Think you’re not worthy of your success?
  • Find it difficult to speak up in groups or get your real opinion across?
  • Attribute success to luck or other forces outside your control, rather than your own effort, dedication and intelligence?
  • Think people won’t pay what you should really charge, so you price lower?

In this session Beverly will help you to identify:

  • Whether you have a crisis of confidence,
  • If you’re struggling with impostor syndrome,
  • What’s stopping you from taking the risks that would help you to progress to the next level.

We’re excited to be sharing Beverly’s SSII Model and Method for addressing your confidence issues.

You’ll learn how:

  • Your nature
  • Your early years
  • Your experiences and conditioning, and
  • You environment

impact on your confidence, developing the inner-critic who gives a voice to your impostor!

“You are an inspiration – your creative flair and ability to help me navigate around some complex issues has had a huge and positive impact on me – Impostor Syndrome no more!

“A fun day – I learned more about myself over this one day than I did over the course of 6 sessions of personal counselling the year before – thank you, Beverly!”

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