Organisation Development

Developing Organisations


Successful organisations are flexible, agile and proactive in anticipating trends and responding to change. Working with your business strategy, we can help you identify Innovators, Change Agents, Anchors, Stabilisers and Critics to who will support the direction of your developing organisation.

We know that to implement cultural change requires understanding of your business context, and our work creates a shared vision with a 360° approach. We pride ourselves in adopting your culture to develop solutions that fit and will sustain you long into the future.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to mirror your vision, values and strategic direction. 


Our Work enables organisations to:

  • Model the values and cultures of the organisation – Defining behaviours that incorporate your vision and operating context
  • Lead recruitment and assessment to get the right people into the right roles
  • Develop targeted learning and development
  • Define expected performance levels, embed values, and success measures
  • Connect competence and skills to optimise the value and effectiveness for your organisation.
  • Form the basis of leadership, management, and staff programmes
  • Underpin approaches to organisation well-being and communication.

Organisation Culture

Working with you and your people! Staff are the organisations biggest but greatest resource.  They are the key to success, innovation, customer service, delivery, whatever your vision, they are integral to achievement. Staff need to be flexible, open to change, resilient, and able to communicate with confidence to adapt to change.  
We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to mirror your vision, values and strategic direction, involving your staff at all levels to determine YOUR organisation strategy, culture and behaviours.
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Organisation Change

It’s a complex business world that demands organisations have business plans, people strategies and culture that are all closely integrated (we call it the “Candy Rock Effect”).  Good organisation development will ensure that all success factors from strategic plan, leadership strategy to individual job roles, fit together, and are aligned with the vision and culture, and are flexible enough to respond quickly to or pioneer future change.

Our work empowers managers to lead teams with confidence and integrity, giving skills to challenge, and tools to innovate and enthuse staff development.  Motivating performance is key to attracting, retaining, motivating people, and delivering organisational ambitions.

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