Our Work With Employers

High levels of sickness absence?

Staff on Long-term sick?

High Turnover?

We know the management time that takes alongside delivering business objectives.

We also know the strain it puts on all parties including colleagues and peers.

These situations often lead to acrimonious departures, long drawn out procedures, and tribunal.

Time = Money

Settlement = Money

Employment Tribunal = Money

Not to mention the stress placed on all involved.


Our Work with Employers

We engage with employers, charities and social enterprises to provide a range of consultancy services. Our extensive experience in HR and Leadership supports organisations managing employees who may have long-term sickness or mental health issues.

These issues aren't a single event they are a process.  Quite often issues creep upon us and we struggle to deal with the escalation so we resort to procedure.  We support employers with early intervention to prevent long term absence and burnout.  We give leaders the tools to support team members and to have those difficult conversations.

We help those employees who are struggling to gain confidence and rebuild self esteem.


There is an alternative to procedure, conflict and employment tribunal!

Check out our Programmes.

We work with our clients onsite and remotely to provide:

  • Well-being Audits
  • Culture Impact Audits
  • Reintroduction programmes for employees to return to their role
  • Safe exit strategies to protect the wellbeing of employees when leaving the organisation
  • Outplacement services for redundancy.
Our Work with Employers