Top 5 Tips for Getting Selected

Are you Year 11, 12 or 13? OR Responsible for supporting them?

Getting Selected … Make Sure They Want … YOU!

Top 5 Tips for Getting Selected

We’ve written this for all of us in business with our families either coming to the end of year 11 and looking for an apprenticeship, or year 12 and 13s looking at university, apprenticeships or employment.

It does apply in general job hunting too.

So how do we get ourselves selected?

Getting Selected – Research-Research-Research!  

Make sure they know the company or university they are applying to, what’s on offer and what is attractive.

Getting Selected – Practice-Practice-Practice! 

Write and rewrite the personal statement or CV.  What differentiates you or yours from the others?  Why should they be picked?  Remember the application is the first impression an employer or university gets to make their decision whether to progress to the next stage.

Getting Selected – Plan-Plan-Plan!  

I’ve just mentioned what differentiates you or yours – well what does?  Are they working at weekends or in the evenings? Do they volunteer? Do they participate in activities or sports?  How can they demonstrate they are MOTIVATED, DRIVEN, SELF DIRECTED?  Ultimately what makes them THE ONE on a form next to the application of someone with the same qualifications?  Plan ahead and start getting experience now!

Getting Selected – Prepare-Prepare-Prepare!  

Many apprenticeships now have a whole host of assessments before you even get through to interview.  Prepare by looking at typical apprentice or graduate assessment centres.  The most basic will have a presentation, group exercise and some sort of written test (literacy, reasoning, or numeracy).  What are their presentation skills like?  Are they self aware of their behaviour in a group?  Have you or they researched testing.  Prepare for interviews with them too.  Whether it’s for uni or a job – can you (they) communicate when it matters.

Getting Selected – Dress for success

Turning up for interviews in borrowed clothes or totally inappropriate attire is set for failure.  You need to feel comfortable in what you’re are wearing.  Trust me it shows on the day!  You’re (they are) distracted and uncomfortable.  The panel can see they’re ill-at-ease.


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Get Yourself Selected

Whether you’re an adult looking for work, taking your options at school, coming to the end of year 11 and looking for an apprenticeship, or in years 12 and 13s looking at university, or apprenticeships, this mini guide applies to you –