Digging Deep to Be an Authentic Leader

Leaders, are you an authentic?

We work closely with organisations looking to develop the self-awareness of their aspiring leaders [using DiSC or i3Profiling], so this picture jumped out at us. It’s a perfect validation of our work.

Authentic Leadership comes from digging deep within, soliciting feedback and adapting to gain trust and confidence of those we seek to influence.

We love working with managers exploring self awareness using the DISC model to help them gain an understanding of self, their peers and their staff.

For those of you reading this thinking “DISC, what’s that?” Put simply, it is a profiling tool that demonstrates behaviour and communication. Research has shown that behaviour is grouped into 4 major groups:

  • Outgoing & Task = D profile
  • Outgoing & People = I profile
  • Reserved & People = S profile
  • Reserved & Task = C profile.

DiSc Styles: The DiSC model describes four main styles: D, i, S, and C. D is for Dominance, i is for Influence, S is for Steadiness, and C is for Conscientiousness.


Of course people share these styles to varying degrees of intensity and can be a blend of more than one dominant group.

So what has this got to do with Leadership and becoming Authentic?

To be an authentic leader we have to start with ourselves.

DiSC is proven to be 95% accurate; but it’s only as useful in our attempt to be better leaders as we are to dig deep, solicit feedback and to improve our self awareness.

Everyone we’ve profiled has been able to connect with, and understand their profile. But it is only by taking that learning to the next level – making the connection with your impact on others and their responses to you, will you begin the journey toward Authentic Leadership.

Anyone will follow someone; either because they are their boss, or simply out of curiosity, assessing their ability or quality; but to be a true leader people need to want to follow because they have trust and confidence in you.

Authentic Leaders are:

  • Themselves, and able to be true to themselves.
  • They know themselves. Through soliciting feedback, engaging in coaching and mentoring, and connecting with unexpected responses when communicating, they know exactly the impact they have on others. They also know when they need to adapt their behaviour to establish rapport.
  • They can regulate their behaviour. Through their self awareness, they can manage their behaviour and responses in order to successful deal with situations and issues effectively.
  • They have well developed and clear values and beliefs. They know what motivates them and use this understanding to the advantage of themselves and others.

Through their heightened awareness, leaders:

  • Engage and are engaging.
  • Make those around them feel valued.
  • Are trusted and inspire trust and confidence from others.

Authentic leadership is not just good personal development but also good for organisations as a whole.

How Do Authentic Leaders Benefit Business?

Authentic leadership can provide numerous benefits, such as increased trust and respect from followers, improved communication and collaboration within the team, enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction, and overall better performance and productivity.

Additionally, authentic leaders are known for their honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior, which can lead to a positive impact on the organization’s culture and reputation.

What’s not to love about that!?