Coaching: How Do I Know If I Need It?

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Coaching: How Do You Know If You Need It?

You will never know just how energized working with a Coach can make you, how sharp and productive you can be, and how much fun you can have in the process, until you have experienced it.

Think about it, has there ever been anything in your life you have made a sensible assessment of while standing on the outside, poking it with a stick?

It’s not possible to make a rational assessment of anything unless you engage with it, explore it, or try it on for size.

And this is exactly what we help you do as coaches.

If you have never worked with a Coach, you may have some important questions.

Here are some of the questions we frequently get asked about our coaching:

What is Coaching?

Combining aspects of business, evolution, psychology, philosophy, and finance, (where needed) coaching allows you to reach your goals, while improving your daily life.

Therefore if you're having difficulty reaching your goals, you may need a coach.

How do I know Coaching will work for me?

There are three main reasons why our coaching can work:

Through teamwork, together, you and your coach (and any associates) can accomplish more than one person alone.

With the right foundation, you can take on greater projects more often, using suggestions and a direct plan of action from your coach.

Through our expert knowledge, you can learn to set goals, make better decisions, and restructure your life towards proficiency.

But it is YOU that has to make the decision AND take action to make it happen.

Who is Coaching for?

Good candidates for coaching include: entrepreneurs, business owners, those looking for new work, and other busy professionals who require a personal or professional plan of action.

In an effort to achieve goals, we can help clients with the following:

business coaching

  1. Goal setting
  2. Handling problems efficiently
  3. Designing strategies
  4. Making business decisions
  5. Prioritizing actions
  6. Growing business
  7. Increasing sales
  8. Business planning
  9. Finding balance
  10. Increasing work performance

If the list above contains something you'd like help with, coaching with Launchpad Associates can help.

Can I afford Coaching?

Can you afford not to?

It's not just about money. Yes, you may increase your income after receiving coaching, if that is your aim, but similarly you can gain SO much more. Finding your confidence. Breaking down barriers to success. Invading Impostor Syndrome. The list is endless.

Trust us you have all the answers. We will just give the time, space, and challenge you need to get yourself clear about your next steps.

You can regain:

  • Your self-esteem
  • Your confidence; and
  • Your motivation, too ...

But YOU have to make a decision and take action to make it happen.

How can I find the right Coach for me?

Exactly the same way you found the right house, the right car, and even the right partner! You go looking! Nobody knocked on your door with the perfect car, house or wife, did they? Nobody is going to come knocking with the perfect Coach either.

● To get started, determine your criteria for a Coach. Use your contacts to find some referrals.

● You’ll know the right Coach by how you feel about them AFTER you’ve had some interaction with them, not before.

Will a Coach be able to help me?

Ultimately, to help you answer this question, get in touch with us.

Find out what we are like as Coaches, ask us how we like to work, find out if we are familiar with people in your kind of circumstances, and ask us what we can do to help you.

We are Coaches who can help you and we are Coaches who will have dealt with similar circumstances to yours many times. You just need to come talk to us!

OUR Coaching Can Be the Key to YOUR Success

As a business owner, a manager, or as an employee, if you're ready to progress to the next level or to make the necessary shift to achieve success, that's exactly what you'll get working with us.

You will develop the skills to successfully improve your performance and motivation in the areas you need to, as well as identifying your strengths, building confidence and a sense of direction and focus.

Our personal development sessions, i3 profiling, and NLP coaching enables you to rediscover yourself, the things you're good at, what really interests you and most importantly what gets you out of bed on a morning or puts a spring in your step.

The Bottom Line

Those who hire Coaches are strong-minded characters. They’re going places and getting things done. They might not always know exactly where they are going or exactly what it is they plan to do, but they have a sense of purpose and a commitment to themselves that can be amplified considerably by working with a Coach.

That is why they hire a Coach, to get more out of themselves than they ever thought possible by working on their own.

Ask anyone who has had coaching for any length of time if they could have done it on their own, without the help of their Coach, and watch their face light up as they tell you it was the very best decision they ever made.

So if you're asking yourself - do I need coaching - the answer is probably yes and we can help you with that.

Improve your self-awareness. Increase your confidence. Enhance your job prospects. Build your business. All with the help of coaching from Launchpad Associates.

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