Furlough Questions & Answer Document

We’ve produced this Furlough Questions & Answer document to help employers to work through the questions they may have relating to Furlough leave.

Furlough Leave is the Governments response to the Coronavirus pandemic – COVID-19 to give a lifeline to British companies that may otherwise need to close.  The Government have encouraged businesses to provide Furlough Leave i.e. to send home employees without work where their business can not continue due to no work or the inability to work through COVID-19.  Businesses may then claim 80% of their staffs salary under the Job Retention Scheme (JRS).

This Furlough Q and A Document may help you consider the questions your staff may have.

At the time of writing the Governments Legislation on Furlough Leave has not been issued.  This Furlough Questions & Answer Document may therefore be subject to change.


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Stay Safe.

Furlough Your Questions Answered