Help During COVID

Help During COVIDAs we hit the next wave of the pandemic, how can we help during COVID?  How can we avoid the despair pictured here?  We know there is a lot of fear and desperation out there as our clients are telling us.  Working with clients we’re seeing anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, all manifesting out of fear.

So, how can we help during COVID?

We’ve seen lots of support lots of great examples and been part of helping those businesses in need.

We’ve heard about so many micro businesses falling through the cracks to be eligible for funding and support so we’ve been trying to help.  We’ve been sharing funding opportunities with our clients on the mailing and where possible given some practical help too.  One example is help for our Bowen Therapist.  Both Jo and Beverly have Bowen Therapy.  It’s been transformational in treating our injuries and illnesses, not least Jo’s recent long-COVID.  So when we found out the impact of Lockdown on our therapist we couldn’t do anything else but help her promote her business.  We’re not professionals but we all have to start somewhere!

Not a clue what Bowen Therapy is?  Check this out!

Can you help during COVID lockdown by offering an exchange of services?  If you’re in a network can you help other businesses by sharing expertise or referring clients to one another?

We’ve been fortunate to be on the receiving end of some great referrals that have helped us over lockdown.

Loneliness has been huge during lockdown

Help During COVIDThroughout lockdown we’ve held weekly Zoom meetings with our network.  We have a facebook group for chat and discussion, we post a “daily smile” on it which is a funny meme.  But imagine our horror when we met up with the network for the first time since March at the beginning of September, to hear one of our group had experienced loneliness and isolation.  We were gutted!

We’re now taking a closer look at the presence of our network and checking in.  We’ve started contacting people who we’ve noticed seem to be less visible.

Have you noticed any of your peers have gone off the radar?  Reach out.

There are so many small and micro businesses living in fear of how long the COVID restrictions will last.  We’ve been promoting funding, but that hasn’t been without challenge.  This week see the launch of the North East HUB funding for a second time as the launch crashed last week.

This had a devastating impact on many small and micro businesses.  One said to us:

I could not even access the site as soon as I refreshed it froze.
I tried for an hour and a half without joy and cried for an hour after that.

There is a lot of support out there.  Small businesses are relying on it.  We’ve been helping our clients to be prepared in order to bid for the funding that’s going to help their business develop, grow and be sustainable.  Keep an eye out for what’s out there.

Some businesses are doing great things!

Help During COVIDOur faith in business and people is always restored when we see things like this.  How fantastic is this!

Often clothing is a great worry for people going for interview.  We think this is a great gesture, taking at least one worry away for those recently made unemployed due to COVID and an ultimate recession.

Is there something your business could give back?

Help During COVIDWe’ve been supporting people through coaching.  We gave our time to the:

Gifting Hope 

project.   This project allowed us to support people losing their jobs or struggling in business.  We find giving the space to think and talk through issues is so much help.

Such a great way of giving back.  We were happy to be able to collaborate at the setting up of this project with Grant Henderson, Director and Susanne Brown.

Is there any way we can help you or your network?  How can we support you? If you need help or support contact us.