Lifting The Lid On LaunchPad HR November 2018

Hi everyone this is our third Lift Off episode.   We’ve had a busy month that started with Beverly attending Chris Duckers’ Youpreneur Summit.  Beverly attended last year and returned again.  The summit gave us business clarity.  Since attending the summit, we’ve found our niche and promoted what we stand for.  The website has been reviewed and we’ve sent out our newsletter launching LaunchPad HR Ltd.  We work with “Next Levellers”.  If you’re ready to take your business or personal development to the next level, we’re perfect for you.

November has been both busy and exciting for us.  Jo renegotiated a number of operational HR retainers, and supported our clients with her troubleshooting skills.  Beverly had a complex case, she’s delivered team dynamics and traveled to Leeds to kick start our outplacement project.

Beverly worked with a fabulous local business owner on her Neurological Levels to help shift personal blocks to success.

We’re also excited about the work we’ve got in the pipeline.

Enjoy our Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR November 2018.  Catch us behind the scenes.

We’ve also been writing about first jobs, bullying and aspergers.

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