March 2019 – Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR

Welcome to Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR Ltd. March 2019.

Lifting the Lid on LaunchPad HR March 2019

Well what a month March was!  It was another busy month, with great collaborations, client engagement and HR/organisational change projects.

For people who have not seen our videos before, we try to produce monthly behind-the-scenes insights into our business.  Quite often HR professionals and consultants appear aloof and inaccessible. That's not us!

We love to lift the lid on our business so you can see how passionate yet down-to-earth we are.

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Over the past month (March 2019) we've supported a client resolve malicious allegations that could have ended someone's career.  This highlights the importance of thorough independent investigations, and remembering everyone has their own reality.

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