Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

These are difficult times, so how do you protect your mental health during COVID-19 lockdown!  We’ve written a guide for employers and employees to help you to crush the impact of COVID-19 lockdown.

We’re managing employees and their employment during a pandemic that has had a huge impact on people’s lives and routine in an extremely short space of time.  Many of our employees are disorientated, out of routine and structure, and so becoming stressed or anxious.

Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

We want to avoid this!

Many have in the past considered homeworking to enhance flexibility.  Employers offering it were considered progressive, flexible, perhaps an employer of choice.  But when it’s imposed quickly with little time for planning or adjustment, it is a different matter.  It can then cause stress as the mechanics are not in place and employees are not mentally prepared.

So how do we protect our mental health during COVID-19 lockdown?

Our top tips for Employer and Employees Crushing COVID-19 Together considers how to tackle stress while working remotely and how not to let the isolation get to you by staying connected.

If you’d planned for this what would you want in place to make it work?

Make a list and put that into action.

What difficulties are you experiencing?

Ask yourself what is in your control.  Do something about those issues because you can influence them.

What can your employer do?  Ask them.  Put it on the team agenda.

How can your peers help?  Ask them.  Share the load.  Support one another.

What is out of your control, like the economy, COVID-19, lockdown restrictions?  You can’t do anything about them so don’t focus on those issues.  Stay present and work with the things you can influence either yourself or with the support of others.

The guide we’ve prepared comes from a personal development perspective,  but you may need professional support if you’ve been struggling.  We’ve come across this article which may be helpful.

Our guide doesn’t talk much about food and drink but …Protecting Your Mental Health During COVID-19 Lockdown

Remember food and drink sustain our physical and mental health.  Make sure we feed and nourish our mind and bodies.

Research indicates more chance of poor mental wellbeing if we’re not hydrated or nourished. Try to alternate caffeine intake with a glass of water.

If we can drink a bottle of wine in a night we can drink 8 pints of water in a day!

Don’t skip lunch or munch on biscuits or chocolate instead.  You need a break.  Move from your workspace.  If you’re on the move why not prepare dinner!

Stay safe.  Be kind.  Kindness lifts your spirits and brings happiness to the recipient.  Don’t forget our eBook.  It’s says far more than this article!


If you need support through coaching or mentoring contact us.  We’d love to hear from you.