Workplace Mental Health Checklist

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Workplace Mental Health Checklist

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Workplace Mental Health Checklist

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Workplace Mental Health Checklist

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For us at The Launchpad Academy CIC it’s all about creating a culture where employees aren’t afraid to show their vulnerabilities, admit when they’re struggling and feel able to ask for help.

Change is often referred to as the only constant in organisations.  We know some people thrive on change whereas others crave stability and security, however, as the pace of change, instability of the economy, political changes, not to mention Brexit, hit organisations, people are expected to adapt.  It’s often accepted as a fact of modern day life that change is the norm in working lives.  As specialists in behaviour and personality profiling we know people adapt in different ways, and respond to changes in their environment at different paces.

We work closely with employers to prevent stress and burnout, and to support employees experiencing difficulties in the workplace.  From the work we do we’ve compiled MAD for Workplace Mental Health.  This is a workplace mental health best practice checklist for employers looking to create a supportive culture.  We’ve compiled it from our work and feedback from employees who have experienced good and bad workplace mental health support.

Our MAD for workplace mental health document is a best practice checklist that we’ve called MAD (Making A Difference) for Mental Health.  It has been compiled to get organisations thinking about how to support employees and most importantly to kick start discussions around cultural change.

There has been a lot of stigma attached to mental health in the workplace and in general. Recent publicity and support of the Royal Family to get people to speak out will hopefully raise the profile of mental illness and reduce the stigma.

This is great to educate and increase understanding of mental illnesses, however, as employers we need to build trust.  We need to get Mental Health into our business plan and integral to the culture.  This will take time to build trust in the organisation and to develop the confidence of employees.

Starting the journey is critical.  It makes business, economic and ethical sense.  If you are struggling to get started download MAD for Workplace Mental Health and feel free to contact us.